Gemma Hauck Joins Underdogs Athletics For 2023 CrossFit Season

October 18, 2022
Gemma Hauck

Underdogs Athletics announced Gemma Hauck will be joining their team for the 2023 season.

Currently training in NSW with fellow Underdogs athlete Ricky Garard, Gemma will have the opportunity to see what it takes to podium at the CrossFit Games, and hopefully work towards making her first Games appearance next year.

Starting CrossFit in 2018, and at only 24 years of age, Gemma will be one to watch in the next few years, especially under the guidance of Justin Cotler. As an ex-firefighter in the Australian Army, Gemma has a strong base of endurance and strength, as well as mental resilience, which will give her a competitive edge, and might see her push past the limits of other competitors.

Finishing 12th at the Torian Pro in 2021, and 8th in 2022, we could well see Gemma in the mix for a qualifying position next year, and if there was any year to give Oceania another qualifying position, 2023 is it. In the 2014 Regional IE5 event this year (10 rounds of 1 legless rope climb and shuttle run) Gemma beat the likes of Kara Saunders and even had 4 seconds on USA athlete Mal Oโ€™Brien.

Similar to Ellie Turner and Tia-Clair Toomey who relocated to advance their CrossFit training, Gemma will be moving to the US to join Underdogs Athletics โ€“ based in Las Vegas.

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