Devastation for Khan Porter During Quarterfinals

March 18, 2023

After a strong performance during the 2022 CrossFit Games season with team CrossFit Reykjavík, 2023 was the year for Khan Porter to head back to the individual men’s competition.


Successfully completing the 2023 CrossFit Open in 672th place worldwide and 57th place in Oceania, Khan progressed to the Quarterfinals.


In a recent post on Instagram, Kham stated “that’s a wrap on day 2 of the Quarterfinals and sadly my 2023 CrossFit Games season”. 


Finishing Tests 1 & 2 on Friday, Saturday brought Tests 3 & 4. The weight of the Quarterfinal workouts was always going to be a huge separator of the field, and it became Khan’s undoing.

During attempt one of Test 3 (seen below), Khan completed 19 reps, and recalled “I felt pain as I’d go to pull the bar from the floor …I knew there was no way I’d be able to do test 4, given the state of my back and all the GHDs in it”.


We’re absolutely devastated for Khan, and just like many others, we were excited to see what he could do as an individual athlete off the back of an amazing season with CrossFit Reykjavík.


Head over to Khan’s Instagram to watch the full post, and also his YouTube Channel to keep up with his latest videos.


Best of luck for Khan’s recovery from back injury. Bring on 2024!

2023 Quarterfinals Test 3
Khan's CrossFit Open Performance Over the Years

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