"Pay What You Want" - Enhancing Your Social Media Presence at Low Cost

We’re implementing a unique “Pay What You Want” services for photos and videos. This is an ideal way to increase your social media presence with high quality and regular content – which will hopefully be converted into new members, or increased exposure.

The benefit is you decide what you want to pay. We understand that not everyone has a huge budget for media, however we believe that shouldn’t stop you from being able to get access to photography services.

We will capture your project and deliver the footage. Once you review your files, let us know what you’re happy to pay, then we will do up an invoice and send it to you.

This isn’t a full time gig for us, so the turn around may be a few weeks, and we may not get perfect images every time, but that’s the benefit of this model.

If, however, you are wanting professional footage with a quick turnaround, we’d be happy to recommend you to other local photographers to suit your needs.

Read more below, however please reach out via Instagram if this interests you or if you have any further questions.

– Meg

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